Angie Murley

My First Encounter with Reiki

I discovered Reiki in 2002 at a Healing Arts fair in Warwickshire after receiving a complementary treatment. I felt extremely relaxed, calm and immediately energised. This feeling stayed with me for some weeks after my initial reiki treatment.

Reiki then found me again in 2007 when I was visiting my mother in University College Hospital in London. My mum was undergoing intensive treatment for cancer and spent many weeks in hospital. When visiting my mum one day she told me that there was a girl who regularly attended the cancer wards offering patients complementary Reiki treatments. She used to have regular treatments and used to say how beneficial she found them and how they really helped her to come to terms with the emotional and psychological aspects of her terminal illness.

Mum sadly passed away on the 22nd April 2008. On the day that she passed over, she was in a deep coma and she was offered a treatment which I gratefully accepted on her behalf. I could see my mum’s whole body relax despite being in a coma. I feel very strongly Reiki helped my mum’s transition over to the other side. This has had a huge impact on my belief in Reiki as I had experienced it first hand.

My Journey & Awakening

After Mum passed away, I decided to train in this gentle yet effective therapy, which enabled me to become a Reiki Master Practitioner after a period of practice. I was attuned under the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing which includes many Japanese techniques.

Through this practice I learnt of the power of this gentle therapy. The main things I noticed were that my clients felt immediate and enduring benefits in a range of health conditions. Reiki also helped on emotional levels, improving one’s ability to cope.

My Call to Service

I am committed to the development and advancement of my spiritual gifts by continuing to attend courses and workshops. I am passionate about helping and guiding others on their spiritual path by helping them to tune into their own innate healing abilities, intuition/inner knowing and giving them tools to work with for their own spiritual and healing journey.

I am now carrying out treatments at my home just outside Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. I am an accredited member of the Reiki Federation as a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.



I found the Reiki Okuden Level 2 Workshop with Angie a wonderful experience. The whole day was relaxed yet informative. Angie is so generous with her knowledge and adjusts the pace of the day accordingly so that everyone feels comfortable. The whole experience was completely amazing and I left feeling confident in myself and my abilities. I would highly recommend attending one of Angie's workshops.

Claire D

Angie is the most amazing Reiki Practitioner and healer. I came to see her after suffering with fatigue, low mood and digestive problems. In just a few sessions my physical and mental health have improved and I have more energy. Each session is wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. Angie is professional and extremely generous with her knowledge, gentility teaching me how to listen to my inner self more. I cannot speak highly enough of Angie and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.

Claire F


Gaia Gong - Wow, I didn't know what to expect and was so beautifully blown away! I am naturally super hyperactive and struggle to sit down and chill let alone meditate. Angie is so professional, knowledgeable and skilled. The sound immerses you and induces an almost trance like level of calm. I left feeling like I was walking on clouds. I would highly recommend Gaia Gong Sacred Sound Meditation to anyone needing a little zen, healing or even energising. The sound meditation gives you what you need from the session. Amazing.



Contact Me

If you require any further information or wish to book an appointment please call Angie: 07956385889 or email me on