What do clients say about their Reiki experiences?

I found the Reiki Okuden Level 2 Workshop with Angie a wonderful experience. The whole day was relaxed yet informative. Angie is so generous with her knowledge and adjusts the pace of the day accordingly so that everyone feels comfortable. The whole experience was completely amazing and I left feeling confident in myself and my abilities. I would highly recommend attending one of Angie's workshops.

Claire D

I was feeling stressed and going through the motions of daily life but not actually living my life. I had a lot of emotional baggage from my past which I had not dealt with and this was holding me back from living my life to the full. It was also having an impact on my relationships and day to day living. A friend recommended reiki and I went to visit Angie. She explained reiki to me and immediately made me feel relaxed. After a few treatments, I started to feel lighter, more confident and focused and life felt less complicated. I have noticed that family and friends are feeling the benefits also as I feel more positive. Angie came into my life at the right time and has transformed it. Every treatment is different and I trust Angie to guide me through this life changing journey.

Claire M

Leighton Buzzard

Your treatments and training are a cut above and I am both grateful and blessed that our paths were destined to cross.



I first contacted Angie about 5 months ago to see if she would be willing to try some Reiki on my 20 year old autistic son. Along with his autism he suffers low mood, high levels of anxiety and a lack of self esteem. Although Angie has never treated anyone with autism before, she was more than willing to try some Reiki on my son. She has been treating him every 2 weeks for the last 5 months and the results have been astonishing. His mood has gradually lifted, his confidence and self-belief has grown and he is generally able to copy better with life. The college he attends cannot believe the change in him. Angie ensures that each session is a calm and relaxing experience for him. A really lovely lady who I cannot recommend highly enough.



Angie is the most amazing Reiki Practitioner and healer. I came to see her after suffering with fatigue, low mood and digestive problems. In just a few sessions my physical and mental health have improved and I have more energy. Each session is wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. Angie is professional and extremely generous with her knowledge, gentility teaching me how to listen to my inner self more. I cannot speak highly enough of Angie and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.

Claire F


Recently I was very lucky to have met a wonderful Reiki Master and today I completed my Reiki 1 "Shoden" with her. A massive thank you to Angie Murley for my Reiki journey. You are such a gorgeous soul full of kindness and compassion. I am very lucky to know you.


Nr Leighton Buzzard

Gaia Gong - Wow, I didn't know what to expect and was so beautifully blown away! I am naturally super hyperactive and struggle to sit down and chill let alone meditate. Angie is so professional, knowledgeable and skilled. The sound immerses you and induces an almost trance like level of calm. I left feeling like I was walking on clouds. I would highly recommend Gaia Gong Sacred Sound Meditation to anyone needing a little zen, healing or even energising. The sound meditation gives you what you need from the session. Amazing.



Just woahhhhh! I have had two treatments with Angie and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her treatment room itself is beautiful and has such a serene, calming energy. Angie is very thorough in her preliminary chat to understand what you want from the treatment and doesn't make you feel judged, rushed or bothersome if you have a hundred questions like I did. I don't really "get" how Reiki works but I cannot dispute the evidence. I have been struggling with shoulder pain for many months and since my first treatment I haven't had any! Whether you are feeling out of kilter, mind, body or soul, book an appointment and feel fabulous.



Angie is amazing. She has helped me through the lead up and death of my dear Dad. Something I dreaded but with Angie's help, I dealt with it so much better. When life gets tough she calms me down and resets me so I am ready to start again. I was so anxious last week but I came home feeling serene. My ability to feel positive energy has increased and I am much happier and can rise above negativity much more now. I would thoroughly recommend Angie. She is a great Reiki Master and also a very kind and caring person.



After suffering from panic attacks for several years as well as stress related emotional problems, I discovered Angie's Reiki-Energy Healing therapies. She has helped me immensely and she provides a warm friendly environment with a calming ambience. Angie is so easy to talk to and her hands on style of Reiki is so different to what I had expected. I can totally recommend Angie to anyone who needs help and healing for all manner of problems and issues.



I came to see Angie after having come off anti-depressants which I had been taking for nearly 15 years. While I had succeeded in getting myself off this medication, I was struggling with several other stressful life situations. Once again I was beginning to suffer from low mood, anxiety and lack of confidence. I also seemed to have developed a temper and was having outbursts of anger that were really out of character. I went to see Angie hoping to find a way to manage my stress and calm myself down. I didn't know what to expect but the Reiki sessions with Angie were wonderful experiences that left me feeling less anxious and lifted my mood. The surprising thing was that I would also feel better for several days afterwards. As I continued to work with Angie, I made significant progress and now feel better than I have done for many years. I think Angie is a remarkable healer who truly has a gift for what she does. I feel very grateful that I found her and would recommend her to anyone.



Angie's healing sessions have opened a new door to my improving my health. Angie's ability to act as conduit to Universal Powers has imbued me with positive energy, which has translated in a diachronic amelioration in my general wellbeing. Reiki with Angie is not a nostrum. It is a truly uplifting experience both for the mind and for the body. I would highly recommend her. Indeed I will be visiting her again to ensure that my chakras remain free flowing and able to channel positive energy.


Leighton Buzzard

When my mum passed away last year I found myself in a very dark place, I couldn’t talk about my grief and I was keeping it all inside. It was having a very negative impact on my family and I was worried that it was affecting my 2 year old son. When Angie of Reiki Energy Healing suggested I came to her for some Reiki I was a little sceptical but during each session I began to feel a little bit more like the old me and I was able to talk about my mum and what had happened. During one session tears just streamed down my face for about 30 minutes. Hand on heart I can definitely say that Reiki helped me unlock my grief and without it I don’t know where I would be right now.

Sam K

Leighton Buzzard

A truly wonderful Reiki experience given by Angie, a very sincere and sympathetic practitioner. Following invasive spinal surgery I felt that the Reiki she gave, helped speed and complement my natural recovery. I felt so great after!

Mike R


Wow what can I say? I have had 2 sessions with Angie and on one occasion I was suffering with Labryrinthitus. The reiki session eased by condition considerably. Angie really knows her stuff and I am so pleased that I have recommended her to my friends



I have had the pleasure of having Reiki energy work done by Angie of Reiki Energy Healing and I highly recommend her. I have been through a period of immense stress and anxiety due to problems in my personal and professional life. The moment her hands touched my face I felt a surge of warm healing energy and felt immediately at peace. After the session, my feet were tingling and warm. As a Reiki master, Angie is most able and qualified to provide directed energy to where your body needs it. Her knowledge of Reiki and her gentle touch are well worth experiencing.

Sarah M

Heath & Reach

I really enjoyed the sessions I had. In my stressful life it was wonderful to have an hour or so of such relaxation that lasted for several days after. Also, you are such a nice person it is a pleasure just to be around you!

Jane K

Woburn Sands

I found my Reiki treatments with Angie brought me peace during a lengthy period of extreme worry and stress. It released my anxiety, relieved the joint pain I had been suffering, was relaxing, very gentle and a pleasant and calming experience.



Angie has a wonderful intuitive way of working and is definitely a very calming influence. I always look forward to my regular Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments and find them so relaxing - I often feel as though I am dropping off to sleep! I have found these treatments to be a great way to release tension and restore balance to both my body and mind. You can be sure you are in safe hands with Angie and I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Heath & Reach

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