Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice. In tribal cultures the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known, and now in the western world there is research supporting this making this ancient wisdom more palatable to modern minds. Research shows that brain activity is affected by drumming, and there are studies showing how the sounds of a drum can help with illness and emotional trauma.

Reiki Drum Treatments

Reiki Drumming uses the drum to introduce Reiki into the client's body, shifting blockages and rebalancing the energy field. The bringing together of these two systems means that the energy of the drum becomes gentle, protective and works for the highest good of the client just as in a normal Reiki treatment. Reiki Drumming affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously, helping to bring them into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels which may allow the body to accelerate its innate healing abilities. Drumming reminds our body of its ideal vibratory rate, which is in harmony with the pulse of the earth and the Universal flow of creation.

Mental/Emotional Reprogramming

Reiki Drum Technique Mental/Emotional Reprogramming is a means of helping to heal negative conscious mind habits. It can be used to overcome unwanted habits, or to focus the mind on achieving a wanted goal.

The Reiki Drum facilitates the shift necessary at an energetic level so as to positively affect both the conscious & subconscious mind.

During the Reiki Drum session you focus your mind on the issue you want to heal whilst I drum over you or near to you. This is then followed by hands-on-Reiki so as to enhance the healing that has begun through the use of the drum beat.

“Every culture holds the energy of the heartbeat that lives in the drum, giving all people this ability to share in the language of the universe, the sound of life. The drum beat is a form of expression that allows our spirits to speak to each other’s heart. It is a way to connect to all life. Every living thing has a vibration, a heartbeat. This vibration has the power to heal, transform and raise consciousness to our minds, heal our hearts, activate our bodies and feed our spirit.”

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